Public Q&A: How should a youth-focused sexual health clinic incorporate social media and SMS into their work?

Continuing my series of public Q&A sessions, I’ll share the following:

We are working on an innovation concept paper to a local foundation and would like to explore how to better use social media and SMS at youth-focused sexual health clinic. We need to be able clearly articulate the benefits of social media and SMS for health care access for youth and young adults. I hope you can provide some resources that may be able to help. Continue reading

Going Viral Against HIV and STIs

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, in partnership with, held a one-day forum on social media, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections (STI) that turned out to be an unfiltered discussion of love, truth, and technology.

Why was it so smoking hot? And is this unique to conferences (or panels) about sexual health?

Maybe it was because it was a room full of public health advocates who are very comfortable talking about “unmentionables.” (How many speakers have you seen ask an audience, “We’ve all had sex in a public bathroom right?”)

Maybe it was because speaker after speaker talked about the power of small groups to make a difference: Continue reading