Flashback to the Future

One year ago this week I was in Sweden to deliver a talk at Almedalen, a festival of ideas held on the island of Gotland.

This year, my community colleague John Nosta brought the latest in American ingenuity to the same event, telling the crowd that digital health is not a far-off promise, but instead simply requires the implementation of technology that exists today. I’ll update this post when The video of his talk is up and you can check out his tweets.

Two essays I wrote about my own trip:

The comments alone are worth a click — fascinating conversations about interoperability of health IT systems, collectivism, equity, and value networks. The conversation is never over, so please post new questions and comments if you see something that inspires you!

3 thoughts on “Flashback to the Future

  1. Dear Susannah,
    One year ago we had the pleasure to meet you here in Sweden.
    Today John Nosta also had a fantastic perfomance in the same garden as you in the Almedalen festival in Sweden.

    • It is a magical venue for talks — so grateful to have been there and to be able to watch (soon, I hope!) John’s talk. Thank you!

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