Thank you, Sean Parker

Today: When I was your age there were no food allergies. Someday: When I was your age there were food allergies.

I have a new essay up on Medium: Thank you, Sean Parker. I tell why I’m so grateful to him for his gift to food-allergy research and l share a little bit about why I don’t read comments on food-allergy stories.

Also: please check out more cartoons by Tiffany Glass Ferreira — she is awesome:

"Food allergies are all in your head." "No, in my head I'm punching you in the eye."

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Sean Parker

  1. There is something powerful and poignant when we can use humor & anger to talk about issues that make people uncomfortable.

    In the AIDS community back in the late 80’s early 90’s for example ACT UP often used humor to communicate.. Tom Kalin on national AIDS day 2014 articulated it really well here

    • So true, Sherry! That’s a great video. I started looking around for examples of ACT-UP history — there are some great ones if you use Google images (not for the prudish, I should say).


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