Who are you addicted to on Twitter? Research watchdog edition.

Each one of these people cuts through hype and makes me feel smarter:

Another one to watch: my Pew Research Center colleagues working on the Fact Tank blog. Every post is scrupulously reported.

Note: there are many more people I follow in this category, but this is a good start. Who would you add?

(Previous post in this new series: Parents.)

3 thoughts on “Who are you addicted to on Twitter? Research watchdog edition.

  1. For my MorningBusinessMemo daily blog I read the papers and follow the wires. Here are some Twitter feeds I like:

    @Reuterspictures – amazing news photos from around the world.\

    @GuyKawasaki – former chief evangelist for Apple. He links to interesting ideas and sites

    @PeterGoldmark – international consultant on philanthropy and the environment.

    @BuzzMachine blogger and j-school prof Jeff Jarvis; author of Public Parts, What Would Google Do?

    @AdAge on marketing and advertising stories

    • Great suggestions!

      I was thinking this morning about how much I value my self-created news ticker. I still have a dead-tree news object delivered to my house every morning to be quickly divided and distributed (comics & sports section being the most eagerly grabbed). I do appreciate the choices which have been made for me when I scan the front page. But I turn pretty quickly back to Twitter, my feed and my many lists. What’s news in *my* world? What do science bloggers have to say about this breakthrough I see in the paper? What are clinicians talking about this morning? What are my colleagues in the EU discussing? Etc.

  2. Alice Dreger @AliceDreger – posts on use of prenatal DEX and individuals with sex anatomy and gender differences + many other medical/research topics + parenting. Fierce advocate, irreverent, brave, articulate, inspiring.

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