Health 2.0 DC: Passion and Execution at Scale–Susannah Fox

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Stars & Bars: DC's flag

I think conferences are deeply affected by the spirit of their host city.  San Francisco has its hackers and dreamers, Boston has its entrepreneurs and ivy, Paris has its pomp and worldliness. At Health 2.0 DC yesterday, my city showed that it has passion and execution — at scale.

Leave it to others to point out this city’s shortcomings. The Washington, DC, I know draws in the best & brightest, engages in debate, and gets things done.

Tim O’Reilly recently said that within the federal government he has found “an intense passion among people trying to make change.”  Todd Park, CTO of HHS, expanded on that theme yesterday as he described his federal co-workers as just as smart, just as creative, and just as entrepreneurial as anyone he worked with in the business world.

We didn’t need to look much further than David Hale and his presentation of Pillbox, a partnership between the National Library of Medicine and the Food and Drug Administration. Continue reading

Gov 2.0 Expo: Health Geek Guide–Susannah Fox

The cross-disciplinary smorgasbord that is Gov 2.0 Expo will be held this week in DC.  The agenda is packed with nerdy temptations (danah boyd! Anil Dash! Tim Berners-Lee!) but here are my can’t-miss sessions. Continue reading