Curriculum vitae


Chief Technology Officer

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Washington, DC

May 2015 – January 2017

  • Lead an innovation lab that created opportunities for entrepreneurship and impact across the Department’s 27 divisions and 80,000+ employees, including the following programs:
    • Ignite Accelerator: Provides HHS staff a startup environment to test new ideas.
    • Ventures Fund: Invests in and supports bold ideas to transform Departmental operations.
    • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program: Recruits outside talent to solve complex problems in health and the delivery of human services.
    • Innovators-in-Residence Program: Partners with private, non-profit organizations to explore areas of mutual interest.
    • Buyers Club: Modernizing information technology acquisition.
    • Health Data Initiative: Liberating health and social service data to serve the public.
    • Competes: Leverages incentive prize competitions to source external solutions.
  • Harnessed the power of data, technology, and innovation to improve the health and welfare of the nation. Worked with leaders and frontline staff across the Department to improve operations. Translated market reality of rapid technological change into actionable opportunities and threat mitigation strategies. Represented the U.S. in domestic and international meetings, including bilateral health data discussions with foreign governments.
  • Conceived of and launched the Invent Health initiative focused on user-driven innovation of medical and assistive devices.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, NJ

September 2014 – May 2015

Catalyzed new thinking and identified opportunities for the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health. Assessed employees’ tolerance and appetite for risk and failure. Contributed to the improvement of the Pioneer Fund application process in order to attract more out-of-the-box thinkers and unexpected ideas. Built project teams to bring patient and caregiver insights into the Foundation’s work. Represented the Foundation at national- and local-level meetings on public health, technology, and data.

Associate Director, Internet Project

Pew Research Center, Washington, DC

April 2000 – July 2014

  • Helped create and define a new market at the intersection of health, social media, and patient engagement.
  • Set the industry standard for research about the social impact of the internet on health. Author of 50+ reports about a wide range of topics. Cited in publications ranging from Pediatrics and the Journal of the American Medical Association to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, as well as countless business plans and grant proposals.
  • Strategic advisor to a diverse group of health care stakeholders: entrepreneurs, grant makers, patient groups, clinicians, federal health agencies, and the White House.
  • Pioneered online fieldwork and participatory research methods at the Center, with a particular focus on understanding how people with rare and chronic conditions use the internet.
  • Directed the Project’s digital strategy. Oversaw and all social media channels.
  • Recognized as a trend spotter and thought leader. Named #3 of the Top 50 Voices in Biotech on Twitter by FierceBioTech and #2 of CNN’s 5 recommended Twitter feeds for health. Popular keynote speaker at health and technology events in both the U.S. and in Europe.
  • Incited and engaged in the public conversation about health and technology on Twitter and at,, and


U.S. News & World Report, Washington, DC

January 1995 – March 2000

Envisioned and implemented strategy for all of the magazine’s interactive projects. Oversaw all technical, design, and editorial aspects of the website as the site grew from hundreds of users to millions. Recruited and managed programmers, designers, editors, and producers. Hired in 1995 to help launch, promoted to managing editor of the site in 1998, then top editor in 1999.


RealNetworks, Washington, DC

January 1994 – December 1994

Lead researcher for the start-up of a multimedia company. Contributed to development of content programming for RealAudio software. Tracked the growth of the early online population.

Research Assistant

The Harwood Institute, Bethesda, MD

August 1992 – December 1993

Researched public policy issues for a political consulting firm. Coordinated national hearings for Project Democracy, with a focus on increasing voter participation and political action.


Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Bachelor of Arts, 1992

Major: Anthropology

Smith College, Northampton, MA, 1988-89

Coursework in French literature and Anthropology


California HealthCare Foundation: $300,000+ over six years to study the impact of the internet on health and health care in the U.S., combining quantitative and qualitative methods. (2012, 2010, 2008)


Member, Advisory Committee, Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the Smithsonian Institution.

Member, Advisory Board, Atlas of Caregiving.

Member, Founder’s Circle, Society for Participatory Medicine.

Former member, Advisory Board, Boston Children’s Hospital SMART Platforms project.

Former member, Advisory Board, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Flip the Clinic initiative.

Former member, Advisory Board, Stanford University’s Medicine X Symposium.

Former member, Advisory Board, Webicina.


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(Additional publications and lectures available upon request.)

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